Friday, March 25, 2011

Quote:"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose."
              -Tennesse Williams

I'm trying to finish up this 30 day Blog Challenge... so this post has a few days worth in it.

Day 26: Your first concert....

My first concert ever was Mariah Carey. My best friend, Katie, and I went when we were in 6th grade. Oh and of course both of our moms came too! It was a funny first concert that I will always remember. We got the cheapest tickets so we were up in the nosebleeds and could hardly see the stage. On top of that Mariah got food poisoning the day before and had been sick all night. She powered through it but you could tell she was sick and she kept having to stop and replenish herself by chugging Gatorades the whole time. Then Katie fell asleep in her mom's lap mid-concert. HAHA

Needless to say it was a great memory and since that concert there have been many more in my life that have been way more fun! Perhaps not as memorable though... gotta love good ole' Mariah Carey!

Day 27: A picture of something you wish you could forget....

I wish I could forget the time I was attacked by a family of jellyfish. I dove into the pile of them while trying to catch a football in Hilton Head one summer. I got stung by a bunch of them at once all up my right leg, side, and arm. Then it got infected and I had to go to the hospital a few days later. It took the pigment out of my arm and leg for a long time also.

To this day I am still TERRIFIED of the ocean. I'll go in if I'm floating on something, on someone's back, or being carried. I like going to the beach but the actual water/swimming part is still a little tramatic for me.

Day 28: Where do you picture yourself in five years...

Ever since I was little I always thought that I would meet my boyfriend in college, be engaged right after we graduated, and then get married a few years later. BOY was is WRONG. ha. Not only did I not meet a boyfriend in college...I hardly even dated. Oh well, life happens how it's supposed to I suppose!

There's this saying that if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans- so true. You can't plan for the future. I mean you can to some extent but when it comes to love, relationships, and stuff like that you just have to hand it over to the Big Guy and enjoy the ride. When I graduated-and for a few months after- I struggled to enjoy the ride. I freaked out and thought I had to plan everything for my future and had to get my life started right away. This was a time in my life when I was not a happy camper and I was constantly filled with panic and anxiety.

Right after Christmas this year I had a melt down and decided that I needed to knock it off and be happy. SO I woke up and decided that right then and there I was going to change my attitude and outlook on my life. Who cares that I'm 23 and don't know what I want or am doing with my's perfectly normal. Who cares that I wasn't in a relationship and no where near being married. Who cares that I don't have my "dream job"...most recent graduates don't and at least I have a job. I realized I just needed to count my blessings and try to be more positive.

SO I changed my attitude, my outlook, my everyday habits, and I started dating a little. I was in a rut and I needed to get out. And it worked! It's amazing how helpful a positive attitude, a clear head, and a big deep breath can be! I'm as happy as a clam now and although I still feel clueless about my life I'm content and at peace with that.

Moral of this post is that I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE I WILL BE IN 5 YEARS. I can't even see myself anywhere yet and that's fine because I'm enjoying the ride there. What I hope is that I'm happy, healthy, and in a good place. I'm confident that I will be and to the Big Man all I have to say is BRING IT ON!!

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