Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 22


Day 22: Something you are afraid of....

I am absolutely terrified of 2 things. Both of these fears are completely irrational and I hate that I am so afraid but I totally am.

Needles- I tend to start hyperventilating and pass out whenever I have to get a shot or even a finger prick. It is so mortifying and embarrassing. I don't know why this happens because shots and finger pricks do not even hurt. Hopefully this is something I will get over but so far this doesn't seem promising.

Roaches- Everytime I see a roach I freak out. I suck in a deep breath and feel like I can't breath. They are terrifying to me. I'm not sure why because they can't hurt me but something about them makes me so scared. I can't kill them and if I see on in a room I will stay out of that room for weeks. Unless someone comes and kills it and proves it is no longer in the room. They are awful creatures and I hate them so much. I would rather have a snake or a rat in my room than a roach.

Like I said- neither of these fears are rational in the least but it is what it is I guess! ha

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  1. That just gave me a flashback to high school...Remember when we had a sleepover at your house and you woke up with a roach in your bed and then you fell out of bed!? TERRIFYING!

    Also, I'm so jealous you have a hedgehog!