Wednesday, June 29, 2011

you scream, I scream, we all scream FOR...

Quote:  " I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream." -Heywood Broun 

Since moving into a new apartment I've had an itch to start cooking more. I have a whole folder on my computer full of delicious looking recipes I'd like to try my hand at. The problem with me and cooking is that I get impatient easily. I also always think it's ok to "guesstimate", leave out items, substitute items, etc. So basically I struggle at following recipes. WHICH can be a PROBLEM. ***Especially when baking -don't even get me started on definately have to follow directions there and I never do. Baking is like an exact science and I am a terrible scientist apparently. Anyway- back to cooking. I can't wait to start cooking and making dinners.

So in the cooking mindset I decided to get myself a homemade ice cream maker (oh brother). I saw it on Craigslist for $20 so I figured "Hey, for 20 bucks why not take a stab at it?". My neighbor always makes us homemade ice cream and it is suuuuuper delicious. The ice cream maker I got can make soft serve and then you can freeze the soft serve if you want regular harder ice cream. The one I got is pictured below:

So I met the guy at a QT parking lot (could be sketchier it could have been a shell station jk) and gave him $20 and took home this little beauty.

You have to freeze the canister for 24 hours so I put it straight in the freezer and waited a day. After work yesterday I came home to start making some ice cream. You have to prepare the ingredients before hand by cooking them on the stove (because of the egg) and then cooling them in the freezer for an hour. I, of course, didn't follow the directions exactly because I was short about a cup of light cream. I figured it'd be ok... like usual.

After I poured the mixture in the machine and let it do it's thang I tested the ice cream. It was pretty good but not quite perfect. It tasted a little off (kinda more egg-y). I think this was because I didn't use enough cream. But all in all my first try wasn't half bad and it was definately EDIBLE which was a surprise to me.

Next up I'm going to steer away from simple vanilla and make coffee flavored I think. AND I'm going to make sure I have the exact ingredients!

I'm sure after this long post about basically nothing your mouths are watering and you want an ice cream cone. I'd suggest going to Chik-Fil-A and getting an Ice Dream Cone. They are AWESOME.

Smell ya later.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally home

Quote: "Enjoy your life without comparing it to others."- Condobcet

Ok, so since the last post I have been "homeless". I mentioned that my new apartment smelled like crotchy mary-jane and that the apartment complex said they'd fix it within a day. WELL...they lied. They didn't fix it and we had to break our lease with them. We moved out 24 hours after we moved all our stuff in. So for like a week and a half I had all my stuff shoved in my parents garage. I had no place to sleep, very little to wear, and it was STRESSFULLLLLL. We have been fighting with the old apartment complex all week too because they charged us rent and we want all our money back since we never even lived there.

Now to the positive part of my tale-

We put an application in immediately to an apartment complex in the same area that we  really liked. They approved us and we were able to move in 5 days later. SO as of this past Monday night I have been sleeping in my new apartment. It's still a little cluttered because we all literally dumped our stuff in as fast as possible. My room is taking shape and although its a tiny little thing (I pay the least amount of rent...woo) I think it's great. I'll try to post pictures sometime soon-ish hopefully.

After all the stress of moving in, moving out, and then moving in again within a week and a half I'm super happy to start getting settled. It's been an unpleasant situation but it turned itself around and I think we'll be really happy. I'd like to give mad props to my family, friends, and most especially my boyfriend for getting their butts into gear and helping me frantically move out when I needed to within 24 hours. They are lifesavers!! Taylor especially because he's the only one who was able to help me re-move in to the new place. He's a trooper and I'm super super lucky. It's also nice that he's handy (imagine dating bob the builder) because he's had to install a fan/light for me. ( I was going to post pictures of him doing this but the blog won't let me.. sad).

So all in all everything worked out ok and I now live in Atlanta. Maybe my life will be like an episode of Sex and the City. PSH yea right... I'm definately not down for that much PDA with strangers- No offense Carrie Bradshaw. I also think martinis are absolutely disgusting -I'd rather have a cold beer- so I guess instead my new life can be like an episode of Cheers? HA

Ok- hope you have a wonderful day.

Smell ya later you little bloggies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smell yeah it's moving day

Quote: "The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.  It is not that we seize them, but they seize us." - Ashley Montagu

SOOOOO yesterday was our Move-in day! I had baby truck (borrowed from Taylor) all loaded up with furniture and ready to go at work. My dad was going to meet me at the new pad with another truck full of furniture. At 4:30pm I headed downtown from work with baby truck to meet the Leasing Agent to sign our Move-in inspection form and get our keys.

We were super exicted to get there and be able to start moving in.

BUT there was a problem....

When we walked into our apartment to do our Move-In Inspection tour an overwhelming smell hit us. MARIJUANA. Apparently the previous tenants liked to light one up in the living room. It was a skunky smell and it was quite strong. To make matters worse the back of the apartment-where our rooms are- smelled like, what I described (as kindly as I could to the leasing agent) as "crotchy". It smelled like straight up old dirty crotch. It was NASTTTTTY.

The leasing agent was very apologetic but we insisted that the smell be taken care of before we moved our clothes, bedding, etc in because the smell would definately absorb into our stuff. I don't know about you but I'd prefer to not have my clothes smell like a "blazed crotch". They said they would take care of it ASAP today.

SO- fingers crossed that they fix the issue because my roommates and I all planned on finishing moving in Friday. We all are taking time off of work tomorrow to move and it would be terrible if they we can't finish moving all because of some crotchy herbs.

Wish us luck!

Smell ya later (this seems fitting for this post).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lutzenkirchen Braves Extravaganza

Quote: "In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."
-Alex Haley

June 1st was my brothers 20th bday and we were lucky enough to have a friend give us 8 tickets to the Braves game that night. SO we decided to all go to dinner and the Braves game in Atlanta to celebrate my brother's bday. He drove up from Auburn to meet us and we all loaded into the mexi van to head to Atlanta.

Let me share a little about the mexi van with you... The Driver's seat is broken and leans to the side and backwards so the driver can't even sit straight. The back of the van no longer has AC-only the front. SO it was 98 degrees and we had 7 people shoved into the van. Taylor and my dad sat up front and had the air blasing so that a little coolness could reach all of us who were dying in the sauna (backseat). The air was freezing them and it still didn't even cool us 5 in the back down in the least. IT. WAS. MISERABLE.

BUT we made it and all slid (literally slid because we were so wet from sweat) out of the backseat. Then Will , Taylor, and my whole family walked to a little dive BBQ place right outside the stadium for dinner.

We got buckets of beer (for the 21+) and BBQ to share. It wasn't anything special but it sure hit the spot.

The Coors Lite promotional girls came over and saw we were drinking Coors Buckets so they gave us some promotional gear- which my father took full advantage of... good thing his arm sweat was taken care of for the rest of the night.

Then we headed into the game and it was still 98+ degrees outside. We were so sticky and sweaty but it was still fun to all be together! Philip was tired from workouts that morning so he fell asleep for like 3 innings -happy bday to you.

Then we took some pictures of all the kids with the ATL skyline in the back of us before piling back into the hottest sauna of a van ever.

When we left it was just then cooling down -it was a brisk 92 degrees. The same situation occurred on the way home... Taylor and Dad were nippin' hardcore because of the air and the rest of us were overheating in the back. Gotta love that peice of crap van though... saved us parking $ and gas $ because we could all right (uncomfortably) together!

One of my favorite picures of the night is the sweaty gem...

It was no CUBS game but it sure was a good time with the greatest people ever.

Smell ya later.