Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lutzenkirchen Braves Extravaganza

Quote: "In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."
-Alex Haley

June 1st was my brothers 20th bday and we were lucky enough to have a friend give us 8 tickets to the Braves game that night. SO we decided to all go to dinner and the Braves game in Atlanta to celebrate my brother's bday. He drove up from Auburn to meet us and we all loaded into the mexi van to head to Atlanta.

Let me share a little about the mexi van with you... The Driver's seat is broken and leans to the side and backwards so the driver can't even sit straight. The back of the van no longer has AC-only the front. SO it was 98 degrees and we had 7 people shoved into the van. Taylor and my dad sat up front and had the air blasing so that a little coolness could reach all of us who were dying in the sauna (backseat). The air was freezing them and it still didn't even cool us 5 in the back down in the least. IT. WAS. MISERABLE.

BUT we made it and all slid (literally slid because we were so wet from sweat) out of the backseat. Then Will , Taylor, and my whole family walked to a little dive BBQ place right outside the stadium for dinner.

We got buckets of beer (for the 21+) and BBQ to share. It wasn't anything special but it sure hit the spot.

The Coors Lite promotional girls came over and saw we were drinking Coors Buckets so they gave us some promotional gear- which my father took full advantage of... good thing his arm sweat was taken care of for the rest of the night.

Then we headed into the game and it was still 98+ degrees outside. We were so sticky and sweaty but it was still fun to all be together! Philip was tired from workouts that morning so he fell asleep for like 3 innings -happy bday to you.

Then we took some pictures of all the kids with the ATL skyline in the back of us before piling back into the hottest sauna of a van ever.

When we left it was just then cooling down -it was a brisk 92 degrees. The same situation occurred on the way home... Taylor and Dad were nippin' hardcore because of the air and the rest of us were overheating in the back. Gotta love that peice of crap van though... saved us parking $ and gas $ because we could all right (uncomfortably) together!

One of my favorite picures of the night is the sweaty gem...

It was no CUBS game but it sure was a good time with the greatest people ever.

Smell ya later.

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