Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally home

Quote: "Enjoy your life without comparing it to others."- Condobcet

Ok, so since the last post I have been "homeless". I mentioned that my new apartment smelled like crotchy mary-jane and that the apartment complex said they'd fix it within a day. WELL...they lied. They didn't fix it and we had to break our lease with them. We moved out 24 hours after we moved all our stuff in. So for like a week and a half I had all my stuff shoved in my parents garage. I had no place to sleep, very little to wear, and it was STRESSFULLLLLL. We have been fighting with the old apartment complex all week too because they charged us rent and we want all our money back since we never even lived there.

Now to the positive part of my tale-

We put an application in immediately to an apartment complex in the same area that we  really liked. They approved us and we were able to move in 5 days later. SO as of this past Monday night I have been sleeping in my new apartment. It's still a little cluttered because we all literally dumped our stuff in as fast as possible. My room is taking shape and although its a tiny little thing (I pay the least amount of rent...woo) I think it's great. I'll try to post pictures sometime soon-ish hopefully.

After all the stress of moving in, moving out, and then moving in again within a week and a half I'm super happy to start getting settled. It's been an unpleasant situation but it turned itself around and I think we'll be really happy. I'd like to give mad props to my family, friends, and most especially my boyfriend for getting their butts into gear and helping me frantically move out when I needed to within 24 hours. They are lifesavers!! Taylor especially because he's the only one who was able to help me re-move in to the new place. He's a trooper and I'm super super lucky. It's also nice that he's handy (imagine dating bob the builder) because he's had to install a fan/light for me. ( I was going to post pictures of him doing this but the blog won't let me.. sad).

So all in all everything worked out ok and I now live in Atlanta. Maybe my life will be like an episode of Sex and the City. PSH yea right... I'm definately not down for that much PDA with strangers- No offense Carrie Bradshaw. I also think martinis are absolutely disgusting -I'd rather have a cold beer- so I guess instead my new life can be like an episode of Cheers? HA

Ok- hope you have a wonderful day.

Smell ya later you little bloggies.

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