Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloweenie 2012

Quote: "Eat, drink, and be scary." -Author Unknown

Before I start this post I'd just like to say that I am SOOO glad election day only falls every 4 years. I would go NUTTTY if I had to listen to this political mumbo jumbo every year.

People just get so mean spirited when it comes to politics. I don't like it one bit. I think politics are important but I don't like people's attitude towards it.

So no, I will not tell you who I voted for.

And no, I will not post about voting all over Twitter and Facebook.

And no, I will not instagram my "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker. Because if you are of voting age and legally allowed to vote then you shouldn't have to show people you voted. It should just be obvious because...

Everyone should exercise their right to vote.
And if this annoys you I'm sorry. I'm not really sorry.

End rant.


On to a better day of the year... Halloween!

I didn't dress up this year because I was once again at a football game during all the Halloweenie parties.

Last year I rocked an Afro though.

BUT we did dress up our dogs. I've never dressed up a dog before but it made me SO happy. There is nothing funnier than an ugly dog wearing a costume.

So I hope you enjoy these as much as I do...

Old lady coe made the cutest black widow spider.

The antennas kept falling into her face ha

Baby Reecie was a little lion.


Cutest little lion I've ever seen. Besides Simba.
He was pretty cute too. And he could sing so that was a plus.

Specs was a cheerleader at the last minute. She rocked it.

She's such a spoiled little lion.

And this happened last Saturday...
 Nothings better than a little construction tailgating down in Auburn.

I should be a model. ha

I hope everyone has a wonderful rainy election day.

Smell ya later my fellow Amuricans.

Friday, November 2, 2012

So Life happened. It happened HARD.

Quote: "Life isn't simple. But the beauty of it is, you can always start over. It'll get easier."
                  -Alacia Bessette

So life happened.

And man o man it happened hard.

I was floating right along happy as a clam and BAM. Things got jumbled. Things got chaotic. Things got stressful. Things got sad.

But I survived.

It all started with a Jury Duty summons. Yep, I got summoned just like the rest of the United States' citizens have the potential to be. I thought... No biggie. I'll sit for 3 days tops and read my kindle until I get cut and I can go back to work.

Nope..the Jury Duty Gods had WAYYY different plans for me.

I was picked to serve as a juror on a criminal case that lasted....

wait for it...

wait for it...


Yep, that's right. I was a juror all day everyday for 4 entire weeks. I lost a month of my life. I was living out of a suitcase at my parents house for an entire month so I could be close to the courthouse. I didn't see my friends, I couldn't go to work, I hardly exercised, I cried alot, I drank alot of wine, I floundered... 

It was awful. I would NEVER wish a month long jury trial upon my worst enemy.

People keep saying "You're so lucky you missed work. Its like you had a 4 week vacation!" or "At least it was  interesting!!"

And to these people I say... "watch out for my's coming at your face."

Just kidding. But for real it was none of those things and it was so stressful, emotionally hard, physically and mentally draining.

We ended up putting 2 men away for life without parole and that is something that continues to weigh heavy on my heart. They 100% deserved what they got but it was still emotionally and morally so hard for me to be a deciding factor on someone else's entire life.

So that happened. The case ended on a Thursday night at 10:30pm after 12 hours of jury deliberation in a teeny tiny room.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I exhaustingly stepped out.

Below are my new jury home slices... I spent an incredible amount of time with them all.

Life went back to normal.

As normal as having to make up a month's worth of work could be.

And then 4 days later...

My Grandma passed away.

BAM. Life hit again!

So we had to scramble to rent a car and drive all the way to Illinois to be with family and celebrate the life of one of the world's most amazing women.

It was a sad, stressful, but at the same time wonderful trip.

It was so hard saying goodbye to my Grandma. But it was hard watching her suffer through her 2 year battle with cancer and watch my family suffer through it too.

And we finally knew she was at peace and was in a better place.

So we mourned her, shared stories about her, laughed, loved, leaned on eachother and cried alot.

I know she looked down on us laughing about how ridiculous we still were.

My family is an odd ball group and it was so good seeing everyone.

Photo recap of the trip...

It was nice seeing both sides of my family. Thank GOD for such a supportive family and friends. We are SOOO blessed.

Cutest little God Daughter ever...

After the funeral we came home and all put on one of Grandma's sweatshirts to wear for the night. That woman LOVED her sweatshirts.

Philip & Matthew

God Daughter & God Mommy photo again

All the grandkids with Grandpa after the funeral.

The grandchildren.

So it was all in all a good trip.

 We went up there for a sad reason but left feeling blessed and loved.

We will FOREVER miss my Grandma and life will never be the same without her. But I know she wants us to continue the craziness that is life and to continue loving eachother so much.


We found out my baby brother needed to have hip surgery the morning after we drove back from Chicago. He had surgery to repair a torn labrum and to reshape his hip bone.

It was a surgery that ultimately and abruptly ended his career at Auburn.

It's been emotional and I know he'll forever miss playing for the Auburn Tigers. We'll miss watching him play.

Fingers crossed that we'll be able to watch him play again next season with the "big boys".


So since then life has returned to normal. Thank good sweet baby Jesus. I was about to explode!!

Through it all I have finally felt a calming sense of peace. Life never throws you something you can't handle.

 But life sure laughed as he tested us this past month and a half.

These little issues in my life seem trival compared to the bigger issues in the world. During this past month and a half I've really struggled. But its put everything into perspective. If these are my biggest problems and headaches than I feel lucky.

And if anything its all brought me closer to my family, God, myself, and my support systems.

So AMEN to that.

And AMEN to you all if you've kept up with this entire post and actually read my little "sob story".

My next post will be a happier one I promise. It involves dogs dressed in costumes.
That will ALWAYS brings a smile.

Thanks peoples!

Smell ya later friends.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rants & Raves

Quote: "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." -Ronald Dahl

This week has been a weird week for me. I've been feeling lots of  little highs and little lows. I've just been uber emotional (this is so unlike me -NOT-).

For the past 9 months or so I've been the happiest I've been in a long long long time. My life is so great and I am so happy just being at the stage of life I am in. I am honestly so content with just being right now. Even though it's been smooth sailing I do, at times, get a little blue. Luckily this isn't very often but when it happens it's nice to vent and/or laugh about how ridiculous I am being. I also try to look on the sunny side.

SO on that note...


To the big manly girl who literally PUNCHED me in the sternum in my soccer game last night,

I am sorry that I am faster than you. That does not mean you should try to slow me down by taking a cheap shot to my chest. No, I don't appreciate your big fist against my breast bone. Next time you decide to punch me please do it in front of the ref so you get carded. Also- do not punch me then run away. I'd like to try to get a good punch in myself. Straught TO YOUR FACE.  (side note- I am a huge wimp and wouldn't be able to fight her... but I can dream).


Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,

Thank you for giving me such strong, muscular, tanned, toned, legs (ha jk) that allow me to run. Without these silky smoothed always shaved (jk again) puppies I wouldn't be able to even play soccer. My health allows me to play each week and for that I thank you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing this sport and hope I'll be able to for a long time.


If you give a mouse a cookie...

They will take that cookie, steal all your stuff, and kick you in the a**. That was a little dramatic but lately I've been very generous with a certain person and it always ends up biting me in the butt. Why don't I just give up on the person you ask? Well it's a work relationship and I think the best way to go about it is to keep trying. It just seems that one step forward...TWO steps back. Nonetheless I will continue to try with this person. And I will most likely continue to get screwed.

Oh well.


It's mid-year BONUS time!!! It's ALWAYS nice when your bonus is more than you expected. ALWAYS. So although I have a problem with a certain little "mouse", it's nice to know for the most part I am appreciated and valued at my job.

Makes a girl feel swell.


Dear female hormones,

You suck. Please leave me alone.


At least I don't have to deal with a penis every day.



Kale is so delicious. I love it and would eat it every meal if I could. But why oh why does it have to make my kitchen smell like urine when I cook it. Some night I'd like to cook my dinner and not have to wonder if the dog peed on the floor. I'm sure my roommate would appreciate it too.

On that note- sorry we keep blaming you for peeing Reecie. Our bad.


Craisins. You. Are. The. Jam.

I can put you in anything for a sweet little surprise. I can also just eat you by the fist full out of the container. Which I do. Often.


Alright, that's enough ranting and raving for this girl.

I'll leave you will some pictures from this past weekend. We went to the lake and then to Clemson to watch my little sister's first college soccer game ever. As expected she was a baller and did INCREDIBLE.

It's probably why she was name SEC Preseason All-Conference Freshman of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! proud of her.

Our little chicklet is all grown up and kicking tail.

Way to go.

The gang at the Esso Club in Clemson
having a beer before the game.

After the game with our soccer superstar.

Proud Lutzenkirchen's celebrating
Abby's first, and certainly not last, great game!

Coe in a life jacket.

Enough said.

Hope everyone has a great week full of lots of Raves and few Rants.

Smell ya later supa stars.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you really knew me...

Quote: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller

If you really knew me...

  • You'd know I have an irrational fear of roaches. I cannot and will not go near them. Even if they are dead I can't go near them. I will avoid a room for days until someone else picks up the dead roach. Not really practical of me.

  • You'd know I LOVE sushi. I eat it at least once a week. I'm starting to become concerned about the amount of mercury I consume weekly though. It hasn't stopped my sushi consumption yet so we'll see. I may start glowing soon.

  • You'd know I bruise like a peach. After almost every soccer game I am bruised. If I end up brushing/bumping up against something then I'll most likely bruise. I'm not sick or anything... I've checked it out. I just bruise like a girly little peach.

 Seriously, see below... those are pretty normal for me.

  • You'd know I always, I mean ALWAYS, dress to kill. I'm always put together. I'm probably the most fashionable person you'll meet. Appearances are everything people.

  • You'd know I dress up sexy any chance I get. Any themed event or holiday - you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be the sexiest dressed. Gotta impress the fellas.

  • You'd know I'm very spiritual/religious but sometimes (ok ok alot of times) I just don't like to get up for church. Good thing Jesus is my homeboy and I'd like to believe he understands.  But on the other hand... when I do get motivated and get up to go to church with the family it makes me very happy. I love sitting next to them and intently listening (ok totally goofing around) to the priest. It makes me feel really close to them.
  •  You'd know that I never complain that my dog is not a lab mix. It doesn't bother me at all that I ended up with a rat child instead of the lab mix the Humane Society told me I'd get. Psh- thanks for that huge lie.

This little tiny "lab mix" grew up to be this weird little "rat". I probably should of guessed better.

  • You'd also know that I would not trade my little rat child for anything. So she's not exactly what I planned for. She turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed. She brings such joy to my life.
  • You'd know I don't really like pets that much. I think pets really are useless creatures. I also never take pictures of them, sit around amused and laughing at them, and I NEVER love on them.
You can see how much I dislike them below:

We love our old woman Coe.


How many heads can hang out the window? 3!

Sun protection is so important. 
Scaredy Rat hates the vet.

When the seat's taken... make your own.

Why yes, I'd love to sit with you at the dinner table and then pass out for 20 minutes.

Reecie trying to drink her Grand ma ma's beer. Rude.

Facebooking with her Grand ma ma.

  • You'd know I love my life, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my job, I love my dog, I love my car, I love everything! Ok so not really everything but I'm feeling pretty loving right now apparently.
It's almost the weekend... maybe that's why!

Smell ya later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you very much Mr. Bloggie Blog

Quote: "Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer." -Ernest Holmes

I haven't posted in over a month. This poor little bloggie blog has been neglected. I would like to sit here and say it's because I've been super busy. But let's be serious, when am I not super busy? I realized that I almost always start off my posts in some way or another saying that I've been "busy".

I decided that I'm only busy because I want to be. I choose to be busy. I choose to have weekends away from my apartment, to never feel rested after a weekend because it was spent on the go, to never have alot of time to get things done.

I choose this.

And you know what, I think I choose pretty darn wisely. I jam pack my life full of my family, friends and events. I'm back and forth from Atlanta, to Auburn, to Athens, to the lake, to Marietta, and everywhere in between. I find that lately I end up going out of town from my apartment almost every weekend.

I enjoy life.

I may feel a little stressed sometimes, a little worn out, and yes, my life is a little chaotic sometimes.

But I love it. And I will no longer (or try not to) complain about being busy. Because being busy means that I am 100% surrounded by people who love me and want me to join them in fun activities, trips, etc.

I surround myself by good people in good places. No complaints here.

The truth is... I haven't blogged in awhile because I just haven't been feeling it. I haven't felt creative. I just haven't been wanting to.

And you know what, I think that's ok. Because in all seriousness, like 8 people actually read this blog. So at the end of the day I only blog because I like to, because I feel like it. So not blogging for a month, no biggie.

But even as I type this I realize how much I do like blogging. Each additional letter and word I add makes me excited to be able to tell a little story, give a life update, recap my life, vent, etc.

So thank you little neglected bloggie blog. Thank you for sitting patiently and waiting for me to decide I'd like to post again. Thank you for not judging me for being absent or "too busy". Thank you for allowing me to use you as a creative, or in most cases -not so creative, outlet.

I do enjoy blogging. I enjoy it for myself. Not for the people who read this blog (shout out to all 8 of you!). I would probably continue to do it regardless of who reads it. I enjoy looking back on posts from a year ago and seeing how different I am, how much my life has changed, and how much I have grown.

So little bloggie blog, thanks for being an open ear.

You da bomb.

Smell ya later.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I 'mustache' you a question...

Quote: "Yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, you either run from it, or learn from it." – Rafiki in The Lion King

Abby graduated from high school this past weekend! woo.

My family was in town. woo.

I had a 3.5 day weekend. woo

Man life is good.

Abby's graduation was a little boring (sorry but it totally was). So we passed the time by photobombing mustaches onto everyone in the family.


Gramps really can rock a stash.

Wittle baby bro.

Dad looks very creepy ha

The stash made him look so sophisticated.

Cross-eye stash girl. Sexy.

This family came up to Philip when we were leaving and said that they were fans. The daughter said she was a huge fan and did a school project on him (whatever that means). She wanted a picture with him so I photobombed a mustache on him. HA Got em'.

Grandma looks so attractive.

Grandma has no hair on her head but she sure can grow a stash.

Mom is cute even with a stash.

After Abby's graduation we went to some Grad parties for family friends. Then we woke up super early and 4 car fulls of people headed to the lake.

We spent Saturday morning through Monday afternoon there and it was GLORIOUS.

Pictures are on my mom's camera so until I get my hands on them I have nothing to show.

This weekend I have to head to Birmingham on Friday for a wedding. My little bro is in the wedding and I'm going to be his date for the rehearsal dinner. The night of the rehearsal dinner is his 21st birthday so I hope we get a chance to celebrate!

Saturday the whole fam will meet us in Birmingham and we will watch Neil and Emily tie the knot.

Can't wait.

Here's to another upcoming busy weekend. Seems like they never end!

It makes me a happy happy girl.

Smell ya later.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happily Exhausted

Quote: "It is not length of life,  but depth of life." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

My life lately has been a whirlind. I am exhausted. But happily exhausted.

My littlest sister graduates from high school Friday afternoon. A bunch of family is and will be in town for her big weekend. I can't wait to see everyone but man has it already been tiring. We worked super hard this past weekend to throw her a huge graduation party.

My dad did a shrimp boil with 60lbs of shrimp. Holy shrimp.

It was a wonderful party and I loved spending time with family and friends. (and cold beer).

This upcoming weekend we will all head up to the lake after her graduation ceremony. I cannot wait.

Due to losing 30 lbs I had to buy all new swim suits for this summer (not a bad problem to have but kind of a pain at the time). Not one of my old ones would even stay up on my hips. I had been borrowing one of my roommates while I waited for mine to come in the mail. Luckily Victoria's Secret pulled through and I now have a bathing suit to wear this weekend! Woo!


It's going to be as sexy as the picture above. Believe me.

Hopefully this upcoming weekend at the lake will be as wonderful and relaxing as the other weekend was.

Baby Reecie Girl went on her first boat ride.

She was confused about the water and tried to jump off the front of the boat while it was moving. I threw her in after that so she understood she was on water.

I may need to invest in a lifejacket for the little rat.

She is such a bathing beauty. Really knows how to "get her tan on".

 Even grouchy old lady Coe got in on the boating action. She kept trying to get too close to the edge though.

May need to strap her chunky butt into a life jacket too.

That same weekend we drove from the lake to Asheville to watch one of our good friends get married. It was a beautiful ceremony on a farm and the cutest reception.

We got to dance and spend time with old friends which was awesome.

Katie (the bride) looked beautiful and couldn't have looked any happier if she tried.


This past month or so I have been asking for donations for Relay for Life. My company decided to get involved and we raised $6433.36!

I personally raised $1000. I was the highest fund raiser for the company and I couldn't have done it without the support of my INCREDIBLE family and friends.

Below are a few photos with some coworkers from the event.

The candles lit for HOPE.

Relay is such an important charity/event and I am so glad I was able to make a little impact myself.

I feel blessed to be working for a company that likes to get involved in charities like Relay for Life.

I couldn't stay long because my Grandparents got into town from Chicago but I'm glad I was able to raise alot of money and attend for a little bit.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and spends it doing something they love with people they love!

Smell ya later party peoples.