Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happily Exhausted

Quote: "It is not length of life,  but depth of life." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

My life lately has been a whirlind. I am exhausted. But happily exhausted.

My littlest sister graduates from high school Friday afternoon. A bunch of family is and will be in town for her big weekend. I can't wait to see everyone but man has it already been tiring. We worked super hard this past weekend to throw her a huge graduation party.

My dad did a shrimp boil with 60lbs of shrimp. Holy shrimp.

It was a wonderful party and I loved spending time with family and friends. (and cold beer).

This upcoming weekend we will all head up to the lake after her graduation ceremony. I cannot wait.

Due to losing 30 lbs I had to buy all new swim suits for this summer (not a bad problem to have but kind of a pain at the time). Not one of my old ones would even stay up on my hips. I had been borrowing one of my roommates while I waited for mine to come in the mail. Luckily Victoria's Secret pulled through and I now have a bathing suit to wear this weekend! Woo!


It's going to be as sexy as the picture above. Believe me.

Hopefully this upcoming weekend at the lake will be as wonderful and relaxing as the other weekend was.

Baby Reecie Girl went on her first boat ride.

She was confused about the water and tried to jump off the front of the boat while it was moving. I threw her in after that so she understood she was on water.

I may need to invest in a lifejacket for the little rat.

She is such a bathing beauty. Really knows how to "get her tan on".

 Even grouchy old lady Coe got in on the boating action. She kept trying to get too close to the edge though.

May need to strap her chunky butt into a life jacket too.

That same weekend we drove from the lake to Asheville to watch one of our good friends get married. It was a beautiful ceremony on a farm and the cutest reception.

We got to dance and spend time with old friends which was awesome.

Katie (the bride) looked beautiful and couldn't have looked any happier if she tried.


This past month or so I have been asking for donations for Relay for Life. My company decided to get involved and we raised $6433.36!

I personally raised $1000. I was the highest fund raiser for the company and I couldn't have done it without the support of my INCREDIBLE family and friends.

Below are a few photos with some coworkers from the event.

The candles lit for HOPE.

Relay is such an important charity/event and I am so glad I was able to make a little impact myself.

I feel blessed to be working for a company that likes to get involved in charities like Relay for Life.

I couldn't stay long because my Grandparents got into town from Chicago but I'm glad I was able to raise alot of money and attend for a little bit.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and spends it doing something they love with people they love!

Smell ya later party peoples.

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