Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sappy Sibiling Shoutout

Quote: "Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring, quite often the hard way."- Pamela Dugdale

Many of you may or may not know I am the oldest of 4 kids. As the oldest I guess I've always had a notion that I should be the wisest and most mature of the kids. As we've all been growing up and turning into adults I've quickly realized how incorrect the above assumption has been.

As hard as it is to admit... I am not always the wisest, most well versed, or most mature of us all.

And I've come to love that fact.

I love that every so often (mostly everyday) I am surprised by the incredible-ness of my siblings. They never fail to teach me something new about myself. Sometimes what they teach me isn't always good or what I wanted to know but it's almost always what I needed to know/hear.

Sometimes they just flat out teach me things about myself that really tick me off. It's hard to admit when you're wrong or admit when your little sister/brother is 100% correct. It is so hard sometimes that I want to reach over and punch them- jk I wouldn't punch them (at least not hard or in the face ha).

All in all I do feel blessed that I have this tiny team of people who call me out on my crap. They also support me far beyond any point I could imagine. We have a close dynamic that I wouldn't change for the world. They are the people I can be the most vulnerable around and they are the people I want around when I'm feeling happy, sad, confused, heartbroken, giggley, etc.

They are my world.


I started thinking about this because recently my little sister and I had a little spat about my past break up. She tried to tell me that there was a song that she thought perfectly summed up how/why my break up occured. I immediately got defensive and thought she should mind her own business because she hasn't been in my shoes so she couldn't possibly know that a stupid song could apply to my situation. (my bad baby sis... turns out I can be a real beeotch sometimes)

After I stopped and seriously listened to the song I realized she was 100% right and that she didn't tell me to listen to it to rub anything in my face. She just wanted me to see that the decision about breaking up was in fact a positive healthy decision. As soon as I realized she wasn't trying to be a brat I felt bad about snapping at her. I also quickly realized that she was right, I was wrong, she has my best interest in mind, and she is a really good sister & best friend.

Anyway...turns out the song did fit perfectly to how I was feeling and it made light of how good my life has turned out post-break up. I am happier, more confident, and I have a bright positive future. As much as the break up hurt me at the time (and months following) I can finally see it as the blessing it was. I am opened up to new life possibilities and it's exciting.

So thanks, sister, thanks for being right and helping me find a new song I really like.

You da bomb.

And here's the sappy song I just rambled on about like a typical girly dork...

As bad as it was, as bad as it hurt
I thank God I didn’t get what I thought that I deserved
Sometimes life leads you down a different road
When you’re holding on to someone that you gotta let go
Someday you’ll see the reason why
Sometimes, yeah sometimes, there’s good in goodbye

I don’t regret it
The time we had together
I won’t forget it
But we both ended up where we belong
I guess goodbye made us strong
And yeah I’m happy
I found somebody too who makes me happy
And I knew one day I’ll see you on the street
And it’d be bittersweet


Thanks C. Underwood
(you really know how to write sappy love/break up songs)

And thanks Ann, Philip, & Abby for being more than I could ever hope or ask for in siblings and friends.

Smell ya later sappy readers.

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