Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fallish and Fabulous

Quote: "How beautifully leaves grow old.  How full of light and color are their last days."
                 -John Burroughs

I.Love.Fall. It's my favorite season. It's the perfect weather, smell,'s just wonderful.

Yesterday I woke up and Fall was tickling my toes (ha that was a toolish comment). But seriously I woke up and BAM it was cold and fallish and I was so happy. I didn't care that it was 6am, still dark out, and raining...I was content because fall is here.

I love fall for so many reasons. Campfires, sweatshirts, warm drinks, cuddling, chili, fireplaces, SWEATSHIRTS, pea coats, leggings, boots, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, pretty nature, SWEATSHIRTS.

Did I mention I love sweatshirts? Man do I ever love them. I can throw them on with anything and feel so freaking comfy. My bf is not a fan of sweatshirts so lucky me...I get to steal his! Oversized boy sweatshirts are without a doubt the best kind because they swallow you and it's awesome. They are probably the least attractive clothing I could wear but hey- "who the heck cares?!"

Ok- enough about sweatshirts (I could go on for hours...).

Last night was the perfect way to bring in Fall and to fix an awful week I've been having. It's just been  a bad bad week... which is rare for me. I had a court date (for running a yellow light---stupid cop) at 8am Tuesday. I woke up super early to be responsible and get there 40 mins early. I went into the parking lot and found my new car DEAD. Must have left the lights on...dumb. I ended up missing my court date, having to pay a ticket for something I didn't even do, and waiting on AAA for 2.5 hours.

Anyway- last night my week (hopefully) started taking a turn for the better!!

I spent it with my roommate crafting fall things. I love my roommate but even though we live together we rarely see eachother. We are on totally opposite schedules and the nights she's home I'm not and visa versa. So we spent a much needed night hanging out.

We went to Michael's (the worlds greatest store) and got fall themed crafting supplies. Then we went to RuSans and treated ourselves to sushi (the worlds greatest food!! Props to those little Japanese people for making my mouth water). Then we came home, put on sweatpants & sweatshirts, lit my new Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle, and popped open a bottle of wine.

We made the cutest little wreath to hang out our door and also made a cute little centerpeice for our coffee table.

We should quit our day jobs and become personal crafters I think. You should also see the giant floral arrangement pot thing we had to make when we moved in to cover this nasty electrical box on the wall. It's also super cute and does it's job perfectly- you wouldn't even know it was hiding something. We don't mean to toot our own horns but TOOT TOOT (ha jk).

This weekend my parents are going to LSU for my brother's game and I really wanted to go but I didn't want to miss work to drive with them. I was trying to fly into New Orleans Friday night and then ride back with them Sunday but flights were like $250+++. Seriously? Come one airlines get it together. Why would I pay that much for a 1 hour flight one way. DUMB.

SO I'm a little bummed out but also kind of excited I have a weekend with no plans. You can find me snuggled in a warm sweatshirt with my dogs all weekend probably. I'm going to try to get my man friend to carve pumpkins with me too. Then I'm totally going to roast the seeds because I LOVE THEM!

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful start to fall too!

Smell ya later ladies and gents.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss M.I.A

Quote: "Either you run the day or the day runs you." -Jim Rohn

You can just call me Miss M.I.A because that sure is what I've been lately. It's been more than a month since I last blogged. Life sure has been BUSYYY.

My last post was all about huge changes in my life. Well I'm happy to report that all my big changes are currently going "swimmingly".

I like my new job alot. It's a wayyy more positive environment than I was previously in. I feel respected, useful, and appreciated'd be surprised how much happier that can make you feel ha.

I love that I get to do a variety of things every day. No day is the same and I love that. I get to edit websites, plan events, tour properties, handle some accounting and HR stuff, design buiness cards and logos. It's great and so far I'm really happy.

On a sadder note- the old man clit-taurus did die. He was a good car and lasted me a long time. He will be forever missed. Things that won't be missed are:

1)the door panel falling into my lap whenever I shut the door

2)the driver side window that couldn't go down (made drive thrus and getting into my apt complex a huge ordeal)

3)the entire car shaking if you drove fast and stalling if you drove slow and/or stopped

4)the passenger side window leaking

5)the ketchup stain on the ceiling (thanks Philip)

6) get the picture.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car. It's the perfect size and it's wonderful! I got a Kia Sorrento (see below but picture it in light blue). It's great and I'd recommend it to anyone!

 I've also been super busy this fall with football. Almost every Saturday we go to the Auburn game. I love it and have so much fun watching my brother but it is so tiring though. But hey- I'll sleep when I'm dead, or old, or retired.

I've also been busy with soccer and tennis. I play soccer two nights a week. My co-ed team plays Tuesday nights and my women's team plays Thursday nights. Our co-ed team has light pink jerseys with the breast cancer ribbon in the center and our team name on the front. Go team "Save the TaTas"!

I also have tennis practice on Wed nights and then matches on Sunday.

I love being active and am so glad I play so much soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport to play and I just can't get enough.

I've also been on a health kick and have been eating super healthy. It feels good and hopefully it lasts awhile!

Besides the above "busy-ness" my life is pretty normal right now. Luckily I don't have many compliants at the moment. Gotta give props to God for this normal little life I'm living and the many blessing I have.

Amen to that.

Smell ya later.