Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms

Quote: "No woman can control her destiny if she doesn’t give to herself as much as she gives of herself." –suze orman


1) Today is my little sister Abby's Senior Night for soccer. I remember mine about a bajillion years ago. I am going to bust out of work early today and high tail it to Lassiter High School to be there to witness her in all her glory ha.

Oh high school glory... how it fades and you realize how stupid you used to be.


2) My puppy is in a new stage of puppydom and I can't stand this new stage. It is the chewing stage. It's terrible. I was just thinking I could start giving her a little freedom because she's been such a great puppy. BUT NOPE. She had to go and chew on my roommates shoe, my bra, countless socks, and then....

 she took an attempt at chewing a wall.

Oh. Hells. No.

She is being watched over like an eagle now. Sucks to be her. And me. ha jk I love her so much and we will get through this little stage together.

All shoes might not get through it unharmed though.


3) Animals make me laugh.

Especially dogs...

How does this dog sit like this?!

How does this dog sleep like this?!


4) This weekend I am going to relax and do absolutely nothing.

I plan on heading to Marietta to spend time with my parents.
I plan to read my kindle.
 I plan to nap.
I plan to work out.
I plan to snuggle.
I plan to eat well.
I plan to stop planning.


Smell ya later fellow randos.

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