Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you really knew me...

Quote: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller

If you really knew me...

  • You'd know I have an irrational fear of roaches. I cannot and will not go near them. Even if they are dead I can't go near them. I will avoid a room for days until someone else picks up the dead roach. Not really practical of me.

  • You'd know I LOVE sushi. I eat it at least once a week. I'm starting to become concerned about the amount of mercury I consume weekly though. It hasn't stopped my sushi consumption yet so we'll see. I may start glowing soon.

  • You'd know I bruise like a peach. After almost every soccer game I am bruised. If I end up brushing/bumping up against something then I'll most likely bruise. I'm not sick or anything... I've checked it out. I just bruise like a girly little peach.

 Seriously, see below... those are pretty normal for me.

  • You'd know I always, I mean ALWAYS, dress to kill. I'm always put together. I'm probably the most fashionable person you'll meet. Appearances are everything people.

  • You'd know I dress up sexy any chance I get. Any themed event or holiday - you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be the sexiest dressed. Gotta impress the fellas.

  • You'd know I'm very spiritual/religious but sometimes (ok ok alot of times) I just don't like to get up for church. Good thing Jesus is my homeboy and I'd like to believe he understands.  But on the other hand... when I do get motivated and get up to go to church with the family it makes me very happy. I love sitting next to them and intently listening (ok totally goofing around) to the priest. It makes me feel really close to them.
  •  You'd know that I never complain that my dog is not a lab mix. It doesn't bother me at all that I ended up with a rat child instead of the lab mix the Humane Society told me I'd get. Psh- thanks for that huge lie.

This little tiny "lab mix" grew up to be this weird little "rat". I probably should of guessed better.

  • You'd also know that I would not trade my little rat child for anything. So she's not exactly what I planned for. She turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed. She brings such joy to my life.
  • You'd know I don't really like pets that much. I think pets really are useless creatures. I also never take pictures of them, sit around amused and laughing at them, and I NEVER love on them.
You can see how much I dislike them below:

We love our old woman Coe.


How many heads can hang out the window? 3!

Sun protection is so important. 
Scaredy Rat hates the vet.

When the seat's taken... make your own.

Why yes, I'd love to sit with you at the dinner table and then pass out for 20 minutes.

Reecie trying to drink her Grand ma ma's beer. Rude.

Facebooking with her Grand ma ma.

  • You'd know I love my life, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my job, I love my dog, I love my car, I love everything! Ok so not really everything but I'm feeling pretty loving right now apparently.
It's almost the weekend... maybe that's why!

Smell ya later.

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