Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catchin' Up


This weekend was a fun weekend of catching up with best friends. I have some of the greatest friends ever and since we all graduated it has been harder to get together and hang out. It's sad that we can't be together acting stupid all the time like we used to. But- it does make it fun to catch up and see eachother when we are able to.

On Friday night I  met one of my best friends Casey at my sisters soccer game. We spent the entire game laughing and catching up... I hardly paid attention to the game (sorry Abby). It was a blow out though (they won like 6-1) so I didn't miss much. Casey has been one of my best friends fo years now. We became close in High School playing soccer together and then carried on our love at Ole Miss together. When we are together we just laugh hysterically for no reason. I'm talking tears rolling down the face-abs hurting the next day laughter FOR NO REASON. I don't know why but we find eachother very entertaining and funny. Casey moved to Denver about a year ago and I was only able to get out there and see her once. She's back now and I love it!!!!!!!!

Friday night 4 of us went to dinner at Chepes -my new unhealthy mexican obsession. We got some HUGE beers and laughed, caught up, and stuffed our faces.

 On Saturday night one of my other best friends Kelley came back into town. Kelley has been my roommate and favorite person ever all through college (See one of my earlier posts about her to understand my true obsession). She recently moved to Mississippi and I miss her like crazy. She came into town and we got dressed up to go out for our friend's birthday. We had to wait for my boyfriend (weird to say) to get off work. SOOO in the mean time Katie, Kelley, and I spent about 2 hours catching up, drinking some drannnks, and laughing hysterically. By the time he got there its safe to say we were super giggly, hyper, and a little tipsy. He's such a trooper and drove us downtown where we met up with all our friends. Ps- it monsooned all night long so we got creative with trash bags. Funn! ha

Sunday was fun because I got to play tennis with one of my other best friends Allie. Allie is one of my best friends from college and I love her so much. We are in the process of looking for apartments in Atlanta together so hopefully soon she'll become my roomie! It's also nice because our boyfriends are bestest buds also (we're concerned they are more like lovers though). Allie and I played the longest match in the world and ended up losing. We'll get them next week though.

Then I finished off the rest of my Sunday and weekend by spending the afternoon/evening with the BF and my family.

It was a good weekend and I can't wait for this upcoming weekend to get here.

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