Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's wishes

Quote: "I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon." -Unkown

Ahhhh Valentine's Day is here again. And I am single again. For the 25th Valentine's Day of my life.

Yep- that's right. I have never celebrated a Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. Am I bitter? No. Do I care? Not really. 

It'll happen when it's supposed to. When it does I'm sure it'll be magical. Fireworks, love thick in the air, butterflies... AIN'T

I'm sure it'll be a pain in the butt

Who wants to stress about a present for a guy on a random day in February? Didn't Christmas JUST happen? Literally the most stressful day/season of the year is Christmas and now a mere 1.5 months later we're all supposed to stress again? 

Nope- so not sad I'm missing out.

But if I had a gun to my head and was told "DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT STEREOTYPICAL VALENTINES DAY OR ELSE..." this is what I'd say to avoid getting a cap in my A** (thug life).  

And then I'll show what will actually happen in reality.

(Future BF I hope you read this... jk)


For flowers this chick would want an orchid. It's my favorite flower. They are expensive little things though. But oh how I love them. 


I got a rose from the technician at my laser hair removal appointment during lunch today. That's right... the people who zap the hair from my body gave me a rose. So romantic.

Sad thing is... it made me feel happy. ha

Also- my dog regurgitated some lettuce at lunch today. Does that count as getting a plant?

Lettuce throw up...the gift that keeps on giving.


A romantic dinner at a trendy restaurant in Atlanta. Fresh fish from The Optimist would be a clutch date.


I will go to the gym and cook myself the same Paleo dinner I've had every night this week.

However- I'm a simple girl and could continue to eat this every night. I just think it's delicious. 


My hunk of a man would give me delicious strawberries.


If I develop a sweet tooth tonight I will satisfy myself with an apple or pear.


Mr. Right would buy me a gift. This gift would be a weekend trip somewhere fun. I'm not really into jewelry and all that jazz. I'd much rather spend money on trips with someone fun. 


My mom bought me some goodies. She does every year for all us kids and they are always great little V-Day treats!

This year I got some comfy slippers to lounge around in and take my dog out in. I also got a delicious smelling J-Lo candle.

So no complaints here. 


I would be smothered in kisses from a man like Channing Tatum.



I will be smothered in kisses from a dog with 22 toes. 


So there you have it people. The ultimate single girls Valentine's Day. 

You know what... I'm kinda satisfied with my day so far and excited for what my normal night holds. 

Because seriously, who doesn't want to make out with their dog. HA 

Wishing each of you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Smell ya later love birds. 

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