Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To cut or not to cut..

Quote:  "Gentlemen perfer blondes...but gentlemen marry brunettes." -Anita Loos

To cut or not to cut..

Lately I have just wanted to shave my head. My hair is at that awkward length where I either need to cut it or grow it out. I need to make a decision ASAP though because my limp stick straight locks are making me crazy. Its so hot outside that I wouldn't mind not having hair for the next 2 months (lets hope that doesnt happen for real though).

In other news.. 4th of July was nice at the lake. The weekend was overrun by 17 year olds. They had fun and I'm glad my little sister was able to bring them all up there because they all seemed to have a blast. It made me feel bad for anyone who encountered my friends and I at 17 though. Man are they giggly and loud at that age. I had a few friends up too and my entire family was there which was AWESOME. We had a great time.

All weekend we wore patriotic colored bandanas.. we looked super cool. 

 Wish I was back on the boat now instead of stuck in a grey cubicle. Oh well.

This wasn't a very good post but I guess my fingers didn't really have the creative juices flowing while they were typing today. Sorry if you've read this far expecting something good... you aren't getting it. ha

Smell ya later.

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  1. Get a trim, add a layer- do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT shave or cut it all off... you will regret it!