Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Quote:  "A man cannot walk out of his own story." -Rango

This post is going to be a recap of my exciting/thrilling/oh-so-fabulous life as of late. Side note- its not any of those things. My life is pretty standard and I like it that way!

Friday night it was my mom's bday and my roommates bday. So Friday night we all went out for dinner and drinks at Taco Mac to celebrate my roomies bday. (I didn't blow off my mom we just planned to celebrate it at the lake later in the weekend). We got all dressed up to go to a mexican restaurant and then out to some bars but after a few beers at our apartment it was 9pm and we decided we'd rather just walk to Taco Mac. So 7 of us walked the few blocks to the Taco Mac. You can't go wrong with Taco Mac... it's always a good fun place for a group. It didn't let us down either. We laughed so hard and had such a good time. We walked home at like 11:30pm and decided not  go out to the bars and I was quite alright with that!

Saturday we went to my boyfriend's parents house for lunch. His mom and step-dad are moving to Boston and we had to go to say goodbye to his step-dad who has to move a month before his mom leaves. It was a nice afternoon. We ate fried chicken, salad, potato salad and bing cherries. Then we just sat around and watched Antique Roadshow and talked. It was a really relaxing time and we laughed alot. It's always nice to spend time with his family...especially since they are moving soon and we will hardly see them anymore. I really want to get to know them as much as possible in this next month before they leave.

Saturday afternoon-Sunday...Straight from Taylor's parents house I drove to my lakehouse to meet my parents and my sister. My mom's cousins drove in from Chicago to spend a week at the lake for vacation. I didn't really know this part of my family very well so it was really nice to get to know them over the next 2 days. They are wonderful and it's a blessing I was able to spend time with them becasue who knows when I'll see them again! We had good food as always and the weather was wonderful.

Monday night (last night) Taylor and I had Date Night. We went to Sal Grosso which is a Brazilian Steakhouse. I had been there once when I was 18-my dad took me for my 18th bday. Taylor had never been so I was super excited to take him becasue like most guys he loves meat and loves ALOT of food. The last time I went I ate so much delicious meat that I ended up puking at the end of the night (involuntarily...don't get any weird ideas). GROSS I know. But there is so much to try I just wanted to test it all and then I was beyond the "thanksgiving" type feeling of being full. It was not fun (ask my friend Kelley). So this time I was more careful and we took our time. We had wine and sat there for like 2 hours eating and laughing. It's nice to have a couple hours to just recharge and be with him because he's a nice fellow and I like his face.

Sorry to anyone who was looking for an exicing post. My life is not too exciting and if this made you bored then I'd recommend you don't follow my blog because I'm a dull little creature ha.

Smell ya later.

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