Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Quote: "You might be a redneck if your dogs name is Miller Light" -Jeff Foxworthy (You Might Be A Redneck if...)

This weekend was a weekend jam packed full of boots, dirt, cut off tees & denim, beer, sun, and friends.

Katie, Taylor, and I saddled up in Taylor's truck (affectionately known as 'Baby Truck') and made the hour and 45 minute drive down to Auburn, Alabama for the Alpha Psi Rodeo. I went to this rodeo last year and had such a fun time so I knew I wanted to go back again. We were dressed like rednecks and ready for the long day of fun in the sun.

We got there at like noon and hung out and enjoyed the rodeo until 11pm -talk about a loooong day. It was such a fun day and I loved being able to spend time with Katie, Taylor, my brother, and all our other friends. I'm not going to say much about what went on all day -what happens at rodeo stays at rodeo... ha! But really it was all good clean fun (if you don't count all the dirt).

To top the whole day off Blake Shelton performed at the end and it was AWESOMMMMMME. I love him and I especially love his new song Honey Bee -it reminds me of someone special. It was so much fun to dance around in our boots and sing at the top of our lungs.

Below are a few classy pictures from the day...

Gotta love the cut offs and cowboy hat. Howdy Partner.

I can't believe he found overalls big enough for him. (sweet nip shot)

Katie and I rockin the cut off flannel shirts.

The whole gang listening to the Blake Shelton concert!

Favorite picture of the entire night. I really know how to surround myself with very special (ed) people.

Smell ya later.

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