Friday, January 13, 2012

Life as I know it (for this week at least)

Quote: " The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live."
             - Flora Whittemore

This week was a good week for me. It felt productive and positive. I love having weeks like this. I've been eating healthy and working out every day and I feel great.


We lounged around and watched football. At night my mom, sisters and I went and met my Aunt Kate for dinner at her hotel. She landed with her team earlier that day to start practicing for their game Monday against Georgia Tech. We ate at Jw's. Yum.


I went with family, friends,and neighbors to my Aunt's basketball game against GT. (see previous post)


I hung out with Reecie girl after work. I had a Co-Ed soccer game at 9:20pm. Of course it was raining again. We have literally played 3/4 of our games in the pouring rain this season. At least it wasn't cold Tuesday though so it wasn't too bad. We play out of the Atlanta Silverbacks League. Our team name is Save the TaTas and we wear pink jerseys. Nice. ha

Below is our jersey. But imagine it with Save the TaTas accross the chest and the pink cancer ribbon.


Reecie girl and I worked out after work and then I went over to my neighbor/sister's apartment for dinner. We have 2 families in our neighborhood that are basically family to us. We do all holidays and everything with them. Erin grew up next door to me back in Marietta. We now live like 2 miles apart in Atlanta. It's nice! She and her boyfriend cooked us Weight Watchers Stir Fry and we watched Modern Family.


Reecie girl and I worked out after work and waited for my baby sister Ann to get to my apartment. Ann nanny's in Buckhead and has a side job with CSS as their camera girl some evenings. So sometimes when she gets off her internship at 7:30pm and has to be back in the city to nanny the nexy day at 9am she'll just stay at my place. So last night we went to sushi and Erin met us there. It was delish. I am trying to eat really healthy so I got a sushi roll wrapped in cucumber instead of rice. It was so refreshing and delicious.

This is the first weekend I have free since Sept 3rd and I am THRILLED. Tonight when I get off work I'm going to work out then Erin (another friend named Erin) and I are going to hang out and do something fun. Tomorrow I have tennis at 3pm then I'll probably head to Marietta for the night. Sunday we are planning on going Hiking.

Can't wait for a stress free weekend.

This week may not seem as good to you as it was for me but I sure enjoyed it.

Tell me- what are some healthy (really healthy) recipes for dinner/lunch?

I'm open for lots of suggestions.

Smell ya later home fries. 

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  1. How is Reecie girl doing?! Is she going running with you? I always love a weekend where I have nothing planned (but somehow I always end up doing stuff anyway!). As for lunches/dinners, I love cooking a big vat of chicken in the crockpot...take boneless skinless chicken breasts and cover them in broth and cook all day. Shred the chicken and you can use it in salads, put bbq sauce on it for a chicken sandwich...possibilities are endless! I also love having rotisserie chicken around!