Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the Love of the Game

Quote: "It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans."
            -Robert Lynd

My family is a family of sports FREAKS.

 We are all very athletic and very competititve.

 I always get made fun of by my siblings and dad because out of all of us I am the least athletic.

 Make fun of me all you want but we all know I can beat anyone in the family's butt. I've been known to carry around my own can of whoopass just waiting to be opened

Just kidding.

I may be the least athletic but I am still pretty good at sports and more athletic than most females. People can tell this because of my intense masculinity and my hairy upper lip (just kidding I'm womanish and my lip is so fresh and so smoooooth).

All 3 of my siblings have/had college scholarships to play football or soccer. I decided against playing in college because I wanted to enjoy the social aspect of college. This is a decision I am still 100% happy I made. I played Co-Ed intramurals in college and I was perfectly happy with the level of play. I'm glad I didn't have 6am work outs, curfews, daily practices, etc. I enjoyed my freedom as a normal college kid.

Besides playing sports we all love to watch sports. It's literally all we ever watch together as a family.

On New Years Eve this year I didn't go out drinking and partying with my friends...

 I went to a football game.

My brother's team (Auburn) made the Chick-Fil-A Bowl this year. We were extremely lucky because this bowl is played in ATLANTA.

We seriously had 25-30 members of our family drive from Chicago to go to the game with us. Talk about chaotic and a packed house for 3 days.

Although it was insane having that many people around it was so much fun and I'm glad everyone got to come and see Philip. It's neat to see people who aren't used to big football games getting to enjoying one. We are so used to seeing Philip on the field that sometimes I forget the awe inspiring feeling there is when we see him run out on the field- only still makes me flabbergasted most of the time. But it was really cool to see my family (aunts, cousins, grandma, uncles, etc) experience that overwhelming excitment of having a family member playing in such a huge dome, such a huge field, and such a huge game.

Auburn won (wooooo) and it was a fun day/night for everyone.

My mom took alot of pictures of the weekend/game but I only took 2. ha

This is a picture of Chizik (head coach) accepting the trophy. Philip is just chillin' on the side next to Aubie.

FYI- My brother is the white guy. In case you couldn't figure out which one was him.


On another sports related note...

My aunt is the Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of Miami. Go Canes.

Every year they play a game in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. And every year my family, friends, and neighbors all gear up in our UM clothes and come out to support.

This Monday we all cheered as the Lady Canes beat Georgia Tech.

C-A-N-E-S...Canes, Canes, Canes... Let's go Canes!!

Aunt Kate looking Supa Supa Flyyy while coaching.

The team all huddled up during a time out...

This weekend is the first weekend I have nothing planned since September 3rd (start of football season). I have no games to go to, no family obligations, no showers, and I.AM.SO.EXCITED.

I plan to:

  • Reconnect with friends
  • relax and de-stress
  • get healthy
  • love on my puppy
  • start the man hunt (someday my prince will come? ew.)
  • start/finish some projects
  • learn how to use my new sewing machine from "santa"
  • clean/organize my closet and room
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...continue to "kick it old school,yo"

Smell ya later 'stashe riders ew.  (shout out to you know who...)

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