Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new beginnings

Quote: "If you have faith in yourself, you will accept changes easily. You won't be afraid of who you might become."

Ok so lately my life has been CHOCKED full of changes. And luckily for me right now I am blessed with almost all positive changes/things...

1) I'm finally settled in my new apartment -second times a charm (see previous blog). My roomies are fantastic and the location couldn't be better. I am close to bars, restaurants, and loving ATL. I've been busy exploring all around and I've really started to appreciate and love Atlanta.

2) I got a new job. I've been at my new job a whopping 7 days so far and I really like it. I have lots of new responsibilities and I'm super busy all the time which is awesome because it makes the day fly by. So far my coworkers are nice too. I get to sleep in an extra 2 hours because my job is now 1.5 miles from my apartment. PRAISE SWEET BABY JESUS (I typed that to be said in a Spanish accent.. like Hey Zues). Weird, I know.

3) My family is wonderful. Even though I moved out it's still super easy for me to go home and visit. A lot of weekends I end up back home and I'm perfectly ok with that. I am INCREDIBLY blessed that I love being around my family so much. Most of the time I prefer hanging out with my family over anybody else. We are a strange clan but I wouldn't change it for the world.

4) My boyfriend tends to be pretty cool. ****although he's ignoring me and playing X-box as I type this. However that could also be a plus because it gives me time to blog. ----I don't have much time for this anymore because I'm not sitting bored in front of a computer at a sucky job for 8 hours a day anymore (again praise HEY ZUES).

5) Friday is my 24th bday so that could be fun, or maybe not. I'm not a huge fan of bdays. I don't like all the attention because it makes me feel super awkward. But I do appreciate my friends and family for making it special for me. Mad props. 

On a sad note... My old man Taurus may have just bitten the dust. He's been acting up a lot and the clit-taurus (sorry for those who may be sensitive to funny sexual jokes) may be a goner. 

Below is a picture of the golden clit-taurus (again I apologize if you are sensitive). I took the picture off google images... I don't want you to think I normally hang out in chained yards -well depends on the night and the mood I'm in.

One last thing.... Knibb High Football RULES!!!! (name that movie if you're cool enough).

Smell ya later.


  1. so glad everything is good for you girl! new job, apartment, family, got it all! and I am cracking about about the name of your car!!!!!!!

  2. Amy, I have Phillip on my fantasy team...tell him thanks for the touchdown!! :)