Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Quote:  "The key to to let go of fear." -Rosanne Cash

So I have had some really big things happen to me lately...

1) we went to the keith urban concert and it was SOOO awesome. My mom got us girls tickets and we never expected the concert to be as good as it was. WE LOVED IT! The blog won't let me upload pics...sad.

2)Went to the lake for the weekend with my family, cousins, aunts, uncle, and boyfriend. Was a good time had by all. (again no pics...dumb blog).

3) I.GOT.A.NEW.JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I haven't been happy where I've been working for awhile now and after ALOT of time/searching I finally got a new job. I think it's going to be perfect for me. It's with the company I worked for in college but I'll be working in their corporate offices in Atlanta.

The best part.... it's literally a mile from my apartment. What an AWESOME coincidence! I calculated and I'll be saving roughly $3224 in gas a year. CHA CHING. On top of that I'll get a salary increase too which is nice. My last day of work at my current company is next Wednesday and then I start my new gig on Aug 22nd.

4) I chopped 4 inches off my hair. I couldn't handle it anymore. Plus the sun, lake, dryer, and straightner had done some major damage to my ends and I decided to just start fresh and chop. I kind of think I look like a 12 year old but Hey it's only hair. I pull it up in a pony tail a majority of the time anyway.

5) My grandma is still doing well. She'll start rehab and radiation soon so please keep her in your prayers.

I think that's all the excitement that's been going on in my life the past week and a half. May not seem like too too much but it's been a whirl wind.

Smell ya later.


  1. congratulations on your new job!!!!!!!! yay!

  2. Thanks I'm VERY excited for this change!