Friday, April 5, 2013

Confessional Fridays....

Quote: "Music is an outburst of the soul." -Unknown

Linking up with today for Confessional Fridays.

I confess...

  • The first time I went to confession for real I was terrified. I shook the whole time as I told the priest that I have sinned. My sins were super intense then too let me tell ya... I was a rotten 2nd grader. So rotten that my sins were probably: 
    1. yelled at my sister
    2. back talked my mom 
    3. snuck a peek at the blurry HBO channel late one night 
    4. pushed my sister off the slide.
    5. Kissed the neighborhood boy behind the garage. And by kissed I mean we pecked cheeks
Man was I rotten. Seriously... I  needed to get some better sins under my belt before I confessed. I ended the confession by running out of the confessional SOBBING. Thus scaring the pants off all my other Sunday School classmates in line behind me waiting to go in for the first time. You're welcome kids. 

  • Sometimes I like watching little kids fall down. I know it sounds mean but I think its hilarious to watch a little kid awkwardly running as fast as they can and then they just EAT IT. I never want them to be hurt but I just love when they bust ass. Then they look up thinking "should I cry? Is anyone looking???" and as soon as they see someone looking they start sobbing. It cracks me up every time. Does this make me the devil? 
  • I took an extra long lunch. It's Friday and the weathers getting warmer. I do not feel bad. Well I kind of do so being the rule follower I am I'll probably come in a little early Monday. But man did I feel like a rebel.
  • I hate Christmas. I know I'm Scrooge. I'm the Grinch. I just think it's too hyped up, people get too stressed, and who wants a fat white guy sneaking in your house. I sure don't. Every Christmas morning since I was little my Mom insists on pictures while we open presents. We now have 25 pictures of me looking like this. No joke. 

I'm sexy and I know it. 
  • I just started a 30 day ab challenge. If you know me you know I HATE doing ab workouts. But since I lost weight there is a chance I could actually have abs now if I work hard at it. Probably won't get them but I'm going to try! And it's about to be bikini season. SO it's day 2 of my challenge and so far so good. My entire body hurts but fingers crossed I stick to it. Hold me to it people!
  • Tuesday nights are my favorite night of the week. I get to play soccer every Tuesday night. It makes me so happy. Being the champions numerous seasons in a row also makes me happy.  Toot Toot (I just tooted my own horn fyi).

  • I'm obsessed with my dog. I love her. She's the best. Even when she's not and she rips things up and I yell at her. Even when she smiles while getting yelled at and pins her ears back to make herself super ugly. She's still the best. 

  •  I am so beyond happy today is Friday. 

Smell ya later weekend peoples. Smell ya later.

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